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Exhibit Design
Exhibit Artifact List
Eastern Section of the Parthenon Frieze: Slab
Attic Red Figure Chous
Attic Red Figure Pyxis
Attic Red Figure, Hydra
Spartan Woman Running
Text: the politics of Aristotle
Text: Euphiletus: A Husband Speaks In his Own Defense
Text: Sophocles, Tereus
Exhibit Primary Text List
Exhibit Design

Women In Ancient Greece: A Comparison Between Athenian and Spartan Women

            The layout held within this proposal, is in itself the layout of the exhibit.  It is to be a virtual museum, or in the case that it were put into a physical museum would be in the form of a kiosk.  Allowing the visitors to interactively browse through the information displayed about the artifacts and texts identified.  A clearly available source allows the visitors the luxury of finding the names and sources of the material so that they may satisfy further curiosity by obtaining the original material.

Project History 1001 A Virtual Museum Exhibit.  Noreen Emmanuel, Adam Dewar, & Kerylin Foss.